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Of Fire and Robes~

N-n-no! Not that kind of Fire, nor that kind of Robes! N-n-or is it Robes that are on F-fire! What are you all?! Perverts! *cue the blush and tears*

Anyhoo, enough of fake Tsun-ness! Here’s a little blurb about my day yesterday!

So, apparently now I have a kindle fire. I am awed by its multi-dimensionalness but underwhelmed by it as a reader due to the LED screen (I prefer e-ink). I guess it’s mostly impressive because I’ve never OWNED an android device before and this is the closest I have gotten to having an android phone. It’s pretty, it has netflix!

Totally time to watch the animes with the bad english VA casts! By the way! STAY AWAY FROM THE CLANNAD DUB IT IS SO FUCKING HORRIBLE!!!! Whoops sorry for the language there. I guess the angry voice kind of escaped it’s little box in my subconcious.

By the way! I AM STILL OUT OF COFFEE, and I am SEVERELY disappoint.

Oh, and on that note, I also bought myself an Eeyore robe, which I am wearing now. It is nice, and fluffy and soft. I think I might make myself one when I can get a nifty pattern that has a pin on, detachable tail and floppy donkey ears. It’ll be like a pseudo-Eeyore costume and then I’ll cosplay Eeyore next year for Otakon! Well that would probably be a little strange, but I bet people will LOVE ME. Because everything loves giving Eeyore hugs, right?!

Well time to drink some green tea, and pray for better health. Maybe find the nearest shinto shrine, ring a bell, clap some hands and wish for good fortune. Who the hell am I kidding, I’m in Pennsylvania there are no Shinto shrines here.

Though this one time I did see a group of Buddhist monks at an Italian restaurant. Hmmm…*thoughtful sounds*

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O! M! G!

Blizzard, you might just get me back. ;.; And the inclusions of the monk class?! I think I might die from joy instead of cry. B-but to go back to WoW… ):